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Gynecomastia Treatment





There are a variety of treatments available for patients with Gynecomastia.  In many cases Gynecomastia is benign and will simply go away on its own.  Many young boys develop some glandular tissue upon reaching puberty due to hormonal imbalances.  This type of Gynecomastia tends to go away without any lasting side effects.  While the condition may cause tissue around the breasts to become sore and tender, it is typically harmless affecting as many as 60% of boys.

Gynecomastia in aging males may require intervention.  If the condition is caused by a medication, the solution may be to switch to a different drug.  If the condition is caused by excessive weight, exercise and nutrition may help, but it probably won't get rid of the actual breast tissue that has developed.  In this case surgical intervention may be required.  There are some medications that have been effective in treating Gynecomastia

While usually benign, the condition can cause soreness in the breasts and may wear on the individual psychologically.  This can lead to self esteem issues.  While some people may choose to live with the condition, others may elect to consult a plastic surgeon.

Please see a doctor if you think that you may have Gynecomastia.  There are serious medical conditions that can cause Gynecomastia to develop.  You can find information on Gynecomastia surgery here.






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