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Gynecomastia Symptoms





You're flexing in front of the mirror after a  particularly strenuous workout admiring your firm pecs.  "Hmm, not so firm as they used to be," you think to yourself.  Apprehensively you prod your chest with a finger and notice it give way easily.  Too easily.  Instead of firm muscle you have what appears to be fatty breast tissue.

While common in adolescents, the growth of excessive glandular tissue in older males happens frequently as we age.  Not to be confused with Pseudogenecomastia which is simply fat on your chest, real Gynecomastia is the growth of actual breast tissue in males.  The tissue tends to grow beneath the nipples in a circular formation.  The tissue may be sensitive and sore to the touch.  They may secrete milk.

In adolescents Gynecomastia tends to go away on its own.  Upwards of 60% of male boys may be affected by Gynecomastia upon reaching puberty.  Treatment is usually not necessary, the tissue going away after a year or two.

Gynecomastia symptoms in adult men are the same as in adolescents, the growth of glandular tissue underneath and around the nipples.  The area of growth typically extends anywhere from one to five centimeters in diameter.  The tissue may develop in one or both breasts and may be sensitive and sore.

If you suspect that you may have Gynecomastia, it is important to see a medical professional.  While often benign, there can be serious underlying medical causes that may require immediate attention.  You can read about the causes of Gynecomastia here.







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