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Gynecomastia Medication





Gynecomastia, the development of glandular tissue in males often occurs due to hormonal imbalances.  These imbalances may be brought on by the start of puberty in boys, old age, certain medications and medical conditions, and alcohol or illegal drug abuse.  Depending upon the specific cause of the Gynecomastia, there may be medications that can be used to treat the condition. 

Gynecomastia in boys due to the onset of puberty normally will go away by itself, often without treatment.  Mild Gynecomastia often does not require treatment unless it causes the patient to suffer from self esteem issues.  Please consult your doctor before considering taking any medication whether prescription or over the counter.

One drug that may be prescribed to treat Gynecomastia is Tamoxifen.  Primarily used to fight breast cancer, Tamoxifen is sometimes used in the treatment of Gynecomastia.  It works by decreasing the levels of estrogen activity in breast tissue.  Excessive levels of estrogen in men can lead to the development of glandular tissue.  Tamoxifen is usually prescribed for a period of up to three months.  Typical dosages are 10-20 mg twice per day.  Tamoxifen is often prescribed before a surgical referral is given.

Androgens or drugs such as Letrozole may be prescribed in the treatment of Gynecomastia.  Letrozole is an aromatase inhibitor that blocks the production of estrogen produced by the conversion of androgens.  Because hormonal imbalances which increase estrogen production can cause Gynecomastia to develop, aromatse inhibitors may help the condition to improve by blocking estrogen production.  Endocrinological attention may also be effective if undertaken within the first three years.

There are some over the counter products on the market that are touted as "natural" cures for Gynecomastia.  These products are usually made from natural herbs and  while we have not studied whether any of these items are beneficial in the treatment of Gynecomastia, as with anything please regard these products with a healthy dose of skepticism.  If you're considering taking a product not prescribed by your doctor, please seek medical advice first.  Some natural herbs may have side effects, especially when taken in conjunction with medications.  ALWAYS seek the advice of your doctor before taking any medication or herbal product. 






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