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Gynecomastia Causes





Gynecomastia typically affects male adolescents and aging adult males.  Gynecomastia is prevalent in as many as 60% of male boys reaching puberty.  Gynecomastia in boys is caused by a hormonal imbalance brought on by puberty.  Usually benign, the condition tends to go away within a year or two.

Gynecomastia in adult males is less likely to go away on its own and may be caused by any number of underlying medical conditions.  Sometimes there is no readily apparent cause.  The development of glandular tissue in older men is often caused by a hormonal imbalance.  It may be simply that the aging body is producing less testosterone.  The glandular tissue may be sore and tender.

It's very important to be checked out by your doctor if you believe that you may have Gynecomastia.  It can be caused by everything from medications that you are taking, to tumors, liver disease, excessive alcohol or illegal drug use, to simple obesity.  It may be that your body is simply producing less testosterone.  Medications used to treat the prostrate may also cause the condition to develop.

While Gynecomastia itself may be fairly harmless, the underlying medical conditions causing Gynecomastia (especially in adult males) needs to be ascertained.  Please see a medical physician if you suspect that you may have Gynecomastia.







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